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The first competitor was Suwa Seiko, the factory from which omega de ville replica watches was conceived. In 1963 they sent a quartz crystal experiment clock that placed 10th for marine chronometers. Seiko sent only its best mechanical movements for omega de ville replica watches and King Seiko watches from the next year.

It may seem absurd to us today that we place so much importance on the accuracy of mechanical watches. You should know that mechanical timepieces have enabled huge advancements in history.omega de ville replica watches They date back to John Harrison's marine clock in 1761. This device allowed man to calculate his longitude at sea more accurately, giving dominion to the British Navy.

Charles Edouard Guillaume won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to precision measurements. He was the first to develop a thermal compensating spring. Brands like Omega, Longines, and Girard-Perregaux were the kings of Neuchatel Observatory tests, and calibres like the Peseux 260 and Longines 360, as well as Zenith 135 and Peseux 260 were the results of this competition.

Seiko's initial results in 1964 were disastrous. The two watch movements that they entered placed 144th, and 153rd. This meant that the watches did not qualify as chronometers. In 1965 things improved slightly with a ranking of 114th. Seiko was not discouraged by this, but instead encouraged to try out high-frequency movements as well as other innovative solutions for improving accuracy. The spirit of fierce competition that characterized Seiko's early creations,Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches including the Hi-Beat movement and Spring Drive, would eventually lead to two of its most iconic movements. In 1966, the company managed to place ninth at the trials.

Seiko's 1964 entries in the observatory competition at Neuchatel in Switzerland ("Le Concours Chronometrique de lObservatoire Neuchatel") were not the most promising. The highest-scoring entry ranked at 144.