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This watch has become a symbol. Reference 3180 is characterized by long lugs, with a strong bevel. It also has a round case and dauphine hands. The cases were usually gold-plated, but solid platinum versions are also known.

The word "chronometer", which refers to the internal accuracy testing of the calibre, is now under the Seiko's signature. The manual-wind calibre 3180 was manufactured by Suwa and was accurate up to a maximum of -3/+12 second per day. This meant that it met the Swiss Chronometric Standards set by the Bureaux Officiels de Controle de la Marche des Montres.omega constellation replica watches The fight began at this point.

The 1960 omega constellation replica watches reference is without a caseback. The 3180 movement .

The spirit of competition: Swiss vs. Japanese movements

After learning that Seiko wanted to create a collection of timepieces that were refined, elegant and elevated with all of the Swiss watchmaking characteristics, the Swiss began to object to the Japanese company's use of the term "chronometer", which was used to describe the watches' accuracy. The European Chronometer Official Association sent a letter of criticism to Seiko in which it demanded that the term "chronometer" be removed from the King Seiko watches produced at the Daini Factory and the omega constellation replica watches watch made in the Suwa Factory. The output from these two factories was eventually merged into the omega constellation replica watches brand in Suwa, Nagano.

Seiko responded by sending several mechanical wristwatches to the Neuchatel Observatory tests in 1964, which were considered the most demanding and brutal chronometric competitions at the time.BlancPain replica watches The movements could not vary more than 0.75 seconds per day, with temperature variations of 0.20 seconds. The movements were subjected to a 45-day long, grueling examination. Let's now look at Seiko’s history during these Swiss chronometric tests.